Harry Potter Random Movies

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince It may be shocking to know That first Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince is one of my favorite Harry Potter movies And I consider It’s a  Harry Potter  Valentine special I mean you can’t deny it It’s full of romance Valentine’s stuff love potions all that Valentine Harry Potter stuff. Events Valentine’s and your Harry Potter fan then you should watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as said before is full of Valentine me Harry Potter stuff, Where as we talked about the other Harry Potter are not based off of Valentine’s like the Half-Blood prince is. Then we go to Prisoner of Azkaban and Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets the 3 first Harry Potter film that ever came out the first one was just introducing all the characters the second one was about the Chamber of Secrets and the history of Hogwarts sort of about how to build by the four Founders Godric Gryffindor Helga Hufflepuff Rowena Ravenclaw And Salazar Slytherin.The third one was where it got darker way darker than the first to the first two were all happy joyous but no no no no the third one was way darker and one of my favorites Alfonso cuaron did a great job directing it Just Columbus which directed the first two Harry Potter films did an amazing job, no gravel for him everyone give a round of applause for drum roll please Mr. Chris Columbus The director of the first two Harry Potter films.

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